Spicy Jalapeño Chickpea Protein Crunch (3 pack)

$22.50 USD

These are crispy and crunchy. They make a great addition as a salad topper, topping for soup, tossed on a pizza or eaten by themselves as a snack. They have great flavor. They are loaded with protein from Chickpeas.

Muriel P

I absolutely loved the flavor, and how crunchy they were! I was expecting more of like a dried chickpea but was delightfully surprised when they resembled that of crispy onion strings. The fact that they're pretty healthy is an added bonus!

Guadalupe G

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I love chick peas so i was super excited to try these!!! It doesn't matter how i used them- by themselves, on a tuna sandwich, on a salad- they were just simply amazing!!!!!! I will definitely buy every single flavor if they are available where i shop!!!

Ricardo F